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Zion, Is The Hype Real ?

By Lamar Battle

Picture a man  combining the strength and power of Bears linebacker Khalil Mack, the quickness of martial arts legend Bruce Lee and the leaping prowess of basketball star David Thompson.

If you guessed Duke Basketball player Zion Williamson move immediately to the front of the line.  Zion is the 6’7″ 285 pound forward who has captured the immediate attention of the public with his incredible power and athleticism not to mention a 45″ vertical leap.

Zion averages 22.0 ppg and 9.4 rpg for a number one seeded Duke team currently battling for an NCAA national title. He has been called a generational talent and a can’t miss star.

Why all the superlatives ?

Because they are all true.  Sure, there have have tons of players with raw athleticism and skills ( remember Baby Jordan) but what makes Zion different is a combination of traits not to mention  uncanny quickness and tenacity for a man that size.

What Else ?

An adequate but quickly improving outside shooter who hit big three point shots against UCF’s  massive Taco Falls (7’6″ 310 pounds).  Falls was so imposing that none of the Duke players really challenged him but when the game was on the line Zion attacked him without a real plan and survived with a basket and free throw attempt.

Challenging Falls was a telling moment for Zion,  he showed the leadership and guts normally modeled by the great ones, or great ones to be.

What Else ?

Zion has a pleasant personality and obvious joy while playing basketball.  He is a willing interviewee and seems to exercise decent judgement while doing so. (I would imagine his parents deserve some credit here).

And Finally.

The truly great players come around say every 15 to 20 years or so.  To say a bunch of NBA franchises are scrambling like nobody’s business to grab Zion would be an understatement.

Zion is competitive, unselfish and hard working with a tinge of killer in him.  What ever team fortunate enough to land him (hopefully the Knicks) will indeed have them selves a franchise building block and barring injury  future Hall of Fame player.

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