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What’s Derrick Rose next act ?


What’s D. Rose next act ?

Since he burst onto the scene nearly five years ago Derrick Rose has quickly established himself as one of the NBA’s greatest players and possible future first ballot Hall of Famer.
At only 6 feet three inches tall Derrick has almost single handedly carried the Chicago Bulls into perennial title contender status.
So, what’s next ?
Well, after missing all of last season all of (with the slight exception of the people of Miami Fla.) the basketball world is waiting for his return to action.
Before his injury Derrick Rose was clearly the one player who ( except maybe Kobe Bryant) who refuse to accept or acknowledge Lebron James dominance.  Derrick,as strong mentally as he is physically has through the sheer strength of his will carried the Chicago franchise to their absolute limits and all this without another superstar at his side.
I suspect that this years version of D.Rose will present as a player who is leaner, quicker, smarter and possessing a jump shot with even more range.  Consider also that the Bulls front office has adroitly positioned and developed point guards who’s sole purpose is to relieve Derrick of the game to game responsibility of bringing the ball up the court thus freeing him up for increased duty at the shooting guard position.
The prospect of a rested Derrick Rose moving around on offense without the ball is enough to shake the foundations of an already competitive eastern conference. So what’s next for D.Rose ?  I say basketball fans,buckle up for one heck of a season.

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