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Top Ten 2017-18 NBA Draft Picks

By Lamar Battle

With all of these teams tanking to close out the NBA season and the NBA draft almost here who are the players the teams are all clamoring for?

Without further ado, the Drop Steps Projected Top Ten,  Read em and weep.

1. DeAndre Ayton: 7-1 Center Arizona

The consensus number one pick. Big, strong, runs like a deer, Could improve outside shooting.  The name Olajuwon has been whispered in some circles. Would like to see DeAndre in New York

2. Marvin Bagley III : 6-11 Forward/Center Duke

All American lauded for his back to the basket skills but not much of an outside shooter especially from three-point range.  I put him at number two because of his impressive motor and drive.  Has star written all over him.

3. Luka Doncic: 6-8 Guard/Forward Real Madrid/Slovenia

This years Euro-star.  Luka plays in the top European league and has distinguished himself as one of the best.  He can do a little bit of everything but is best known as a great passer.  I have him projected as the third best player on a title contender.

4. Micheal Porter Jr.6-10 Forward Missouri

Projected as number one before a debilitating injury derailed his hopes.  Having said that Micheal’s window is high as this 6-10 player can run the floor and shoot.  Could improve ball handling but that will come with time. A potential All-Star for sure and a solid number four pick.

5. Mo Wagner: 6-11 Center/ Forward Michigan

Mo used the NCAA Tournament as his personal coming out party. (leading Michigan to the Championship game). A 6-11 player who knows he’s big and plays like it, he is also a knockdown three-point shooter.  His best feature and reason for the high pick: He has a knack for playing big in big games, a trait that should not be ignored.

6. Wendell Carter Jr: 6-10 Center/Forward Duke

Big man with the drive to become a solid 10 year glue guy in the NBA. A must-have for teams looking to develop a winning culture.

7. Trae Young:  6-3 Guard Oklahoma

I made a similar mistake last year when I low rated a player who failed to lead his team to the NCAA tourney and subsequently turned down a chance to play in the NIT.  That player turned out to be Ben Simmons. Trae Young led the nation in scoring and assist (an NCAA first) and is the first child of Steph Curry (so they say) given Trae’s penchant for long-range bombing. (27.4 ppg and 8.7 apg)

The draft will be full of versatile athletic combo guards but Trae Young represents a potential star once he develops his body.  At the 7th position he should be available for the Chicago Bulls…..Don’t blow this one Chicago!

8. Mohammed Bamba: 7-1 Center Texas

A seven-foot shot blocker with legitimate 3 point range? (12.9ppg and 10.5 RPG)   I would have ranked him higher if not for questions about motivation.

9. Jaren Jackson Jr: 6-11 Forward Michigan State

A steady big man with an NBA (Dad played in the league) and  Big Ten pedigree he has a lot of room to grow so to speak as Jaren is only 18 1/2 years old.  Jaren shot (59.5 EFG) an impressive percentage for a kid that played against tough competition all year.

10. Colin Sexton: 6-2 guard Alabama

One word comes to mind when discussing Colin Sexton…Intensity!  The winner of the 2017 McDonalds Slam Dunk contest knows only one way to go and that’s all out.  At 6′-2″ though he will need to shoot better from the outside.

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