Drop Steps

The Dialectic Relativity

By Gregory Powell


In these last days, I got a praise

Now we shocked out malaise, that darken our days

I’m a resurrect-or so I raise, pulling my ass out the grave

Where I been a slave in a hopeful haze

But now the mask off the beast from the west to the east

That strong Black love provokes dogs off they leash

But I’m gonna reach and preach for my release

Gonna beseech and teach to get my people free

Seek God and pray and fight

when they come for me

Hopefully I don’t get hung up a tree

If I do my sons I did it for you

And all the people darker than blue

I’ll intrude into the multitude

Of the abused but not confused

Where all God’s children got shoes

Witnesses against devils, iron rebels

Of whips and chains and wicked brains

Police bullet rain, wet blood stain

I take the pain convert to gain

Strain to attain the freedom train

In these last days I got a praise

For my peoples we got to raise

We been played, justice delayed

Like Jesus flayed, lost souls strayed

The dead walking like a fucking parade

Distracted to destructed by toxic charade

Wake the fuck up, the prophetic tirade

Nation bleeds death under band aid

Over souls of saints who prayed

Forgive me, I’m saved, but I’m irate

The death of hope for united state

Idiot dictator primed to dictate

Dollar fascists perpetrate

Take the streets and demonstrate

Take your power agitate

Raise a nation and make it great

Like Muhammad a heavyweight

Float like butterfly sting like bee

Get the nigga’s off the tree

Snatch the blind and make them see

Save the souls and make them free

Raise the babies love your mate

Prison systems eradicate

Revolution orchestrate

We got to set this shit straight,

cause I can’t relate

I can’t relate

I can’t relate

In these last days I got a praise

Coming out complacent haze

Systems to raze, so my flow raves

Dead to raise from they graves

I blaze trails so I’m a trailblazer

Holy Ghost armor to repel the Taser

I’m a crazier praiser, a stepping razor

I serve Savior, I a demon slayer

Iron like Zion Lion; I don’t waver

Marinade your skull with liberation flavor

Time to refine the mind for the grind

Eat the meat of the melon not the rind

Spirit nourishment to unbind

Demand demons get thee behind

Illusions burn and loot

Kingdom of God on earth reboot

My lyrics are loaded: aim, shoot

Decapitate the hate down to the root

Bring in the harvest of strange fruit

Freedom fighter field negro recruits

Overcome the ruse that abuses

Polit-Pimps confuse the losers

The bible says Satan the accuser

Drive by sniper in  a blue cruiser

My drum beat is an automatic

Pop goes down the autocratic

Slap back the racist static

Tone to the bone to chill the erratic

Refuse to lose I keeps the battle at it

Djembe loaded aim fire rat ti tat it

Beat your soul into a zone of ecstatic

In these last days I got a praise

Molded clay, focusing my ways

Fighting for right is my delight

My soul is bright my flow skin tight

God my might, he is the light

I got no fright, I own the night

I bloom in blight, I strive to fight

Alive in stride, on air I glide

The wind I ride to turn the tide

Bomber said run but you can’t hide

Trying to save you from suicide

I am local not nation wide

I unleash souls who seek to hide

I rescue minds from demonic pride

I explode local but blast world wide

My fish is fried, got peace inside

I make the enemy petrified

I keeps my God glorified

I’m so high I stretch the sky

I never die, you wonder why?

Cause I got to praise these last days

I’m out the grave, the ex-slave

Lazarus stepping out slavers cave

Justice I crave, and so I rave

Down the hate,

cause I can’t relate

I can’t relate

I can’t relate

Gregory Powell is a free lance writer.

Photo courtesy of Time Magazine/ Getty Images.

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