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The Contenders-Miami Heat

The Contenders- Miami Heat

Whoa, slow it down big fella. Who would list the Heat as second place finishers the season after winning the title ? Yours truly.

They don’t always get the recognition they deserve but Miami boast one of the top organizations in sports. At the helm as always is team president Pat Riley and his clone; head coach Eric Spoelstra. Miami has managed mostly through free agency to surround their star players with an almost perfect compliment of supporting players. Bringing in Chris Andersen and Ray Allen were key in winning their second straight title. Management has created an environment that is as polished and professional as a fortune five hundred company. ( Playing near South Beach is a big plus ). Players around the league relish the chance to play in Miami.

It is well chronicled that the Heat are small but they cover their weaknesses with a relentless swarming defense that picks it’s spots as to when to deploy their half court traps. The big three of Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade are still formidable and have bonded well through the years. Hall of Famer Ray Allen knows what he’s doing and still has ammo left in the holster. A little discussed aspect is the veritable stable of three point shooters on this roster, easily the best in the league.

The Heat are poised patient and aggressive. Sight seen; the team was beaten in the closing seconds of game five against San Antonio. The players, all of them were hanging their heads with one exception, Lebron who was picking guys up and reminding them that the series wasn’t over. That, my friend is leadership. It won’t however be enough to carry a team that is still small, aging and susceptible to consistent dribble penetration. In a season to remember this proud team will not go down without a fight but they will eventually go down.

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