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Random Thoughts And LeBron.

Random thoughts while in route to Cleveland;

27 points 11 assist and 11 rebounds in a game 7 ?   What player does LeBron James really remind you of?

See photo above.

Is it possible that LeBron could re-frame the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) argument from one that only really considers scoring as the most meaningful criteria ?

Could getting J.R a championship ring be bigger than say coming back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA finals ?

The looks on the faces of Cleveland fans during game 4 of the finals only drove home the level of despair and hopelessness felt by them for 50 odd years. The fear and tension was thick enough to cut with a knife.

One of the single shrewdest moves of recent history was LeBron James goading Draymond Green into the crotch blow that changed the series and to drive home the point LeBron adroitly repeated to the media (and NBA commissioner Adam Silver) how Draymond insulted him, a man with a wife and three children.

The resultant suspension altered the entire flow of the series and the upset was on…..Absolutely brilliant!

Dear Draymond, an ” It was my fault” will not suffice.

By refusing to go small the Cavaliers did what OKC started but failed to finish and forced the Warriors to (unsuccessfully) adjust to the obvious size deficiency. The Warriors will have to shore up their size in the middle to support the oft-injured Andrew Bogut going forward. ( Bulls free agent center Pau Gasol would be a good fit).

Now that the ( Cleveland championship) curse has been broken it is not inconceivable to see LeBron James winning another 3 or 4 NBA titles at which time the greatest player of all time discussions will heat up yet again.

By the way:

How far do you think a young Micheal Jordan would have gotten with LeBron’s first team in Cleveland?

Just sayin.





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