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Not your Fathers NBA Preview

Not your fathers NBA preview.

This preview / power ranking will high-lite the top three teams in each conference along with a mention of the up and coming teams in their respective conferences. Factors such as an increase in talent, better team management, the new CBA and shall I say it, strong stewardship from the commissioner have set this season up as one of the best in years.

So with out further ado.

The Eastern Conference:

Alpha Dog- The Chicago Bulls

These are lofty expectations for a team that lost to the eventual champion Miami Heat in the second round of the playoffs. One must keep in mind that this Bulls team is one that is battle tested and as cohesive as any team in the league.
Consider: 1. Management-
The Bulls were correct to plan out for this season given the injury
to their best player Derrick Rose. The team proved that they were elite even
without Derrick and for long stretches Loul Deng. The Bulls then drafted a better
shooting version of Jimmy Butler in Tony Snell and validated the selection of
Marcus Teague who’s steady development was borne out in an excellent summer
league. Lastly the hiring of Tom Thibodeau as coach was dam near genius.

2. Personnel-
I can’t believe I’m saying this but the Bulls core players are entering their Prime’s
and are better collectively than they are as individuals. Jimmy Butler as the new
starting two guard is turning into one of most mentally tough players in the
league and is still growing as a player. At some point we all have consider the
awesome possibility that Derrick Rose could actually improve….Nuff said.

3. Prospects-
The addition of Kirk Heinrich and the development of Marquis Teague
will allow Rose the opportunity to rest on the floor and save his strength for
fourth quarters. The window for the Chicago Bulls is now open and the
players more than anyone realize this and are ready to take the next step.

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