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By Lamar Battle

Looks like It’s that time of the year again. The Moon is in the seventh house, Democrats and Republicans are drinking buddies ? ( Who am I fooling), Campaign finance reform is a reality and young men once again look for the answers to their dreams. You guessed it,  the NBA draft is once again upon us.

This years draft promises to be one of the best in recent memory and since this is my posting I will comment on players I like or feel the need to talk about. Now having said that here is the:

 The Skinny:

-Joel Embiid, 7’0″ Center.
With back issues and a broken right foot he is starting to look
injury prone. However his skill level dictates a gamble albeit to
a team that afford to wait on him.

-Andrew Wiggins 6’8″ Shooting Guard.
Off the charts athleticism and potential Allstar who is a no
brainer as the 1st pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why ?
The prospect of a fast break led by Kyrie Irving, Wiggins
and LeBron James. This scenario puts LeBron in the
position of mentoring young thorough-breads. Not unlike
Tim Duncan.

-Jabari Parker 6′ 8″ Small Forward.
Can you say damn skippy ?

This player is the real deal (Just
ask Joe ). Picture DNA, breeding, background and strength in
a 6 ‘ 8″ linebacker with ( just scratching the surface) quickness
and the bearing of Julius Erving. Jabari can post up, drive,
shoot off the dribble from either the 3 pt line,medium range
or floaters. He has great basketball IQ, is a natural leader and
is poised to be somebody’s “Face of the Franchise as a rookie.

-Shabazz Napier 6′ 1″ Point Guard.

Really cannot believe the number of people sleeping on this
guy. He is easily the best point guard in the draft. remember
he was schooled by Kevin Ollie and has two NCAA titles.
Warning, do not be fooled by his size. Look at his smarts and
heart and think Isiah Thomas. Yeah, I said it.


Julius Randle 6′ 8″ power forward

Think Zack Randolph 2.0 minus the edge. nuff said.

Nik Staukas 6′ 6″ shooting guard

Great shooter who can fire off the dribble, drive and dish.
potential all star.


Zach Lavine 6’6″ shooting guard

Great athlete. Picture Electro with handles. could be a great
defender. needs to improve his out side shooting.


Dante Exum 6′ 6″ point guard

Could be a solid contributor or the best player in the draft.
depends on his motor. Can handle the rock, penetrate and
shoot off the dribble. Can he develop as a play maker ?


Noah Vonleh 6′ 10″ power forward

7′ 2″ and 3/4. wing span 45% from the three point line
biggest hands in draft, not afraid to mix it up ? Damn!

Doug Mc Dermott 6′ 8″ small forward

More than just a spot up shooter.Can post up, shoot mid
range and is over 40% from the three. Four year player
who literally carried his team(Creighton) to NCAA’S.
Smart, high motor and a possessor of the dreaded
Dirk Nowitzki move.


Elfrid Payton 6′ 4″ point guard

Above average penetrator and defender. Wiry and fast.
decent floor general but poor outside shooter.

Adrien Payne 6′ 10″ power forward

Typical Michigan State player, overachieving, aggressive
and hungry. Will contribute off the bench for a lucky


Also of note: Clint Capela, Gary Harris, Aaron Gordon, Marcus Smart,
Kristaps Porzingas, Jusuf Nurkic. Kyle Anderson.




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