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Micheal changed the world and then he rested


During a conversation the other day with a friend about Derrick Rose’s most recent knee injury an interesting point surfaced.
NBA superstar and role model par excellance Derrick Rose seriously injured both knee’s in less than a years time.  The injuries occurred during game action and involved the anterior cruciate and medial meniscus.  Basketball fans world wide are saddened and concerned, especially those in Chicago and we are all probably asking why Derrick and why now.  
Injuries have always been a part of sports and countless trials and studies have been devoted to treatment and prevention.  So why the spate of knee injuries of late with basketball players.  In addition to Rose, Marc Gasol, Russell Westbrook and Iman Shumpert suffered knee injuries.  While debating possible causes including luck, body types, karma, HGH, astrology a question arose, could conditioning be involved here ?  One thing is certain, todays basketball players are among the most supremely conditioned ever as personal trainers, nutritionist, massage therapist and strength coaches are regular fare. Could the specialized and isolative factors in weight training contribute to some sort of imbalance ?  Speaking of weight training. Where did it start and how did it evolve to where it is today?  Athletes have always utilized weights to increase strength but the evolution can be traced back as most things to one irrefutable phenomenon.  
Micheal Jeffery Jordan.
In response being out lifted by teammate Horace Grant Micheal Jordan hired personal trainer Tim Grover and the rest, as they say is history.  Of course to pin the evolution of sports conditioning on one man could be ambitious so let’s see what else was Mr. Jordan up to.
Before Micheal basketball players were not the financial and marketing entities that they became. Before Micheal the term franchise player” was still but a gleam in it’s daddies eye. Before Micheal the merging of sports and entertainment (particularly Rap music) did not reach the epic levels it enjoys today.
Men did not wear their baldness with pride and they certainly did not sport earrings like they do now.
Let’s consider for a moment.  America’s youth now choose sneakers as their preferred shoe of choice be it in schools at play or in church.  Athletic shoes and the accompanying sports wear have spawned the creation of hundreds upon hundreds of new companies, designers and the like. At last count China has around three billion ready and willing Nike customers, It may not be a stretch to credit Micheal Jordan with redirecting the fashion industry.
So, to Derrick Rose and others  trying to determine if their off season regimen should include  skills development with Navy Seals level conditioning ?  I have a suggestion.   
Call Micheal.

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