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Dropsteps.com 2019-20 NBA Roundtable

By Lamar Battle

Our group of contributors and gurus have convened to give their predictions for the NBA’s 2019-20 Eastern conference standings.These picks reflect the opinions of the writers based on the experience and performance of the teams selected….And science.

Tony P:
1. Philadelphia 76ers2. Milwaukee Bucks3. Toronto Raptors4. Boston Celtics5. Orlando Magic6. Miami Heat7. Brooklyn Nets8. Indianapolis Pacers

Copious Note:  My dark horse pick is the Heat.  Obtaining Jimmy Butler completes their original mission of compiling a team full of the kind of Special OPS that only a mother could love.  Now the Emperor has for seen that Pat Riley can realize his dream of Universal O R D E R.

1. Philadelphia 76ers2. Milwaukee Bucks3. Indianapolis Pacers4. Toronto Raptors5. Brooklyn Nets6. Detroit Pistons7. Atlanta Hawks8. Chicago Bulls

Copious note: As a former point guard I’m left with no choice but to choose the team with the best point guard and without a doubt that would be the 76ers. Now how scientific was that ? Among the also rans..Look for serious improvement from the Chicago Bulls…And lastly, does anyone care that Derrick Rose predicted big things for the Detroit Pistons?

Denver Nugget:
1. Boston Celtics2. Milwaukee Bucks3. Philadelphia 76ers4. Miami Heat5. Brooklyn Nets6. Detroit Pistons7. Toronto Raptors8. Atlanta Hawks

Copious note:  As the only human in the Northern Hemisphere with Boston coming out of the east I am compelled to give my expert analysis…..Tacko Fall !  Remember to hide the women and children, Jimmy Butler is with Miami. Now, if only the Heat could land Chris Paul ? Honorable mention, at #9 the Chicago Bulls are primed for the seventh pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

1. Philadelphia 76ers2. Milwaukee Bucks3. Indiana Pacers4. Boston Celtics5. Toronto Raptors6. Brooklyn Nets7. Atlanta Hawks8. Orlando Magic

Copious note:  After winning 60 games with the MVP to boot I put an awful lot of stock in the fact that Milwaukee let Malcolm Brogdon walk. Possible fall out ? Sans an NBA Finals appearance, Malcolm might not be the only one walking if you catch my drift.

By the way, what ever happened to old Malcolm ?  He is the starting point guard for this years break out team….The Indiana Pacers.  Sleep on the Pacers at your own risk.

Bostons problem ? They let Al Horford walk (see above).  Horford will supply the Philadelphia 76ers with requisite amounts of post play, defense, surprising three point shooting, locker room stability and the occasional foot in the back side of Joel Embiid.  No, the Sixers are not only an Eastern Conference contender, they could win the whole chip.

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