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Drop Steps All Time NBA Top Ten

By Lamar Battle
In the wake of the ESPN’s  mega bio The Last Dance, the subject of the NBA’s top ten players has re entered the debate.
As a public service we here at Drop Steps feel compelled to join in.So with out further ado here are the Drop Steps top ten players of all time.

10.  Jerry West:  The league chose him as their choice for a Logo.

9.    Larry Bird:  12 time NBA All Star who won three consecutive  MVP awards along with three NBA titles.

8.    Tim Duncan:  Owner of a vanilla basic game but one of the great       winners in history.  If I didn’t know better I could almost swear  this cat played for Wooden.

7.    Magic Johnson:  Amazing how Magic, a Robin convinced the   world he was Batman. We cannot however, discount this man’s  association with winning.

6.    LeBron James: Give me one other human who could have won a        title for Cleveland Ohio………….I didn’t think so.

5.    Oscar Robertson:  Unfortunately Russell Westbrook’s efforts  may have minimized the impact of a truly awesome achievement,   averaging a triple double for an entire NBA season.

4.    Micheal Jordan:  Micheal mentioned that you can’t say Micheal        Jordan without saying Scottie Pippen.  Using that logic Scottie  should be listed as number 4a.  Could you imagine Kareem  Abdul Jabbar saying whenever you say Kareem you should say Moses ? No shame in being number four Mike.

3.    Bill Russell:  13 trips 11 titles, I don’t care if there were only six        teams in the league at the time.

2.    Wilt Chamberlain:  If Wilt actually said Nobody loves Goliath He         was right.  Dude averaged 50.0 ppg one year.

1.    Kareem Abdul Jabbar: How many payers won NBA FINALS MVP       awards 17 years apart ?  Enough said. 

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  1. Jean

    May 24, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    But I AM Batman!

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