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2019-20 NBA Can’t Miss Match ups

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By Lamar Battle

Is it October yet?
Well, not quite but it’s never too early to talk NBA basketball.  After what many consider the most parity the league has seen in years there are actually some up coming match ups that should prove to be entertaining to say the least.

LeBron James vs Zion Williamson:  Easily the most eagerly anticipated paring as NBA rookie Zion , the  human anomaly (Unicorn was used) will capture the attention of the known basketball universe all waiting to see if the hype is real. Zion plays for the New Orleans Pelicans who have added Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, J.J. Redick and Derrick Favors. Not to mention excellent draft pick ups Nikeill Alexander Walker and Jaxson Hayes.  At this point G.M. David Griffin is hitting all of the right notes as Zion has been placed in capable hands.  
Can LeBron check this young buck looking to dethrone him?

LeBron James vs Kahwi Leonard:  The NBA may never be the same post Kahwi’s takeover, yep, I said it.  Kahwi is the new boss given his most impressive championship run culminated by a free agent move that still has the entire league (particularly ownership) scratching their collective heads.
New Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard and MVP runner up Paul George along with Patrick Beverly form what could be the nastiest defensive trio since Micheal, Scottie and Ron Harper walked the earth.  Can LeBron and newly acquired Anthony Davis stop the up coming carnage?  Only time will tell.

James Harden vs Chris Paul:  After their playoff loss to the Golden State Warriors for the second year in a row James Harden intimated that there would be some changes.  I thought he meant head coach Mike D’Antoni but no, he was referring to guard Chris Paul to whom Harden had been feuding with for most of the season.
Former MVP Russell Westbrook has joined Harden so Chris will be charged with showing the Rockets that they made a mistake in letting him go and he may have to pull it off while playing for the rebuilding Oklahoma City Thunder.

Houston Rockets vs LA Clippers:  Little known nugget,  Westbrook and Hardin will fit like peanut butter and jelly.  Houston kept all of that three point shooting and it should part the floor for Westbrook like the Red Sea.  A willing passer Russell may come close to keeping his triple double streak alive.
If Kahwi Leonard is as successful in making Paul George better like he did with the entire Toronto Raptor roster (coach included) then more than the Rockets should be concerned. Who can forget Kahwi more or less saying fuck that we want to win them both at which point the Toronto Raptors went on to beat Golden State twice in a row…In Oakland. Nuff said.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers:  I’m certain that most of you have seen the Ben Simmons making jump shots video.  Barring those videos proving to be fake news Ben is about to take his game to the next level and that my friend is bad news for the East and possibly the whole damn league.
Philly made the right moves in retaining the small forward Tobias Harris and picking up Al Horford (40.9% 3pt shooting) in the post season and underrated shooter Josh Richardson (36.8 3-pt shooting)  obtained in the Jimmy Butler trade.  Horford will provide locker room stability while providing insurance at the center slot in the event of an Embiid injury.
How about Milwaukee’s prospects?  Well…..Kahwi Leonard did leave the conference.

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